Noel Leeming Stores and Customer Care

All Noel Leeming Stores, phone numbers and hours of operation are listed below. Telephone numbers and contact information to make inquiries or claims for the services or products that Noel Leeming provides in New Zealand.

Customer Service Noel Leeming New Zealand

In New Zealand, Noel Leeming has different official means of contact for inquiries or complaints.

Phone number Noel Leeming

If you need to speak to Noel Leeming New Zealand you should call the following toll free number: 0800 44 44 88. To speak with a customer service representative, you should contact the following telephone service hours: From Monday to Saturday 08:00 - 18:00 - Sundays 08:00 - 18:00. This phone is enabled to make general inquiries and claims.

Contact Noel Leeming

Another way to contact Noel Leeming New Zealand is through digital contact channels. If for any reason the numbers do not work or do not respond, we recommend that you send your questions or complaints through the following official channels: